Saturday, March 20, 2010

Instant Arrangement, Almost

My creative sister Jan (actually, they're all creative) once called clivia an instant arrangement so when roving my small garden, clippers in hand, I'd hoped for immediate gratification. Alas, there were but two puny stems but oh, those ranunculus were fabulous, if not a little bit faded. Then I found this other thing I have growing in the back of the yard. I have no idea what it is, exactly, except it's hard to kill. The dusty blue-green leaves and tiny lavender blossoms are a perfect cool counterpoint to the hot blooded oranges of the clivia and ranunculus.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Less is More

Maybe it was the spring fever that I caught today, being such beautiful weather.  The garden looked so fresh and orderly that the thought of weeds and mildew seemed an impossibility.  There weren't many blooms to choose from, however, that needn't stop the intrepid arranger.

This Peruvian lily puts on a one-flower show in this tiny bud vase.  Don't think that you need to have an abundance of flowers to make an impact.  This flower is particularly interesting all by itself.

Calla lilies are a favorite of mine.  I don't have a huge field of them, actually, I'm lucky to get three blooming at the same time so I'm loathe to snag them all to bring inside. 

They last a good long time and have a nice presence.  This one looks particularly striking against the dark backdrop that is the corner of my dining room, but it started out here in front of this mirror.  Mirrors are useful in creating the illusion of more, when you have less.

Your callas not flowering right now?  Try just the lance-shaped leaves that are beautiful on their own.  A nice contemporary look for a decidedly old-fashioned flower.

Or try other interesting large-leafed foliage when there is a dearth of blooms in your yard or you pocketbook is feeling pinched.